Change Your Look With Colored Contacts

Even if you love your natural eye color, colored contacts can be a fun way to change up your look. They can enhance your natural eye color or change it completely. If you'd like to wear color contacts of your own, here are four things you should know:

1. Visit your eye doctor.

Even if you don't need corrective lenses, you'll still need to visit your eye doctor for a prescription for colored contacts. This is because contact lenses, even novelty ones, are still medical devices. Your eye doctor will perform a full medical eye exam to make sure your eyes are healthy. They will also measure the diameter and curve of your eye, to make sure you get contact lenses that are the right size and shape for you. Once that's done, you may be given a trial pair of contacts to wear in-office; this will allow your eye doctor to check the fit.

2. Order your contact lenses.

Once you have your contact lens prescription, you'll have to order your contact lenses. You can usually order them directly from your eye doctor in order to save time. If they have the right contacts in stock, you can take them home with you right away. Otherwise, they can order the correct contact lenses, which means you may have to wait a week or two to receive them. If you don't want to order from your eye doctor's office, you can also go online to shop for contact lenses.

3. Take care of your contact lenses.

Contact lenses need to be cleaned regularly to get rid of bacteria and protein that accumulates on the surface of your lenses during wear. Purchase contact lens cleaning solution and clean your lenses according to the directions. Most cleaning solutions require that you soak your contacts for four to six hours in order to disinfect them. Your eye doctor can recommend a good brand of cleaning fluid if you're not sure which kind to purchase.

4. Remove your contacts at the first sign of irritation.

If you feel like there's something in your eye, you should remove your contact as soon as possible. An eyelash or another kind of debris may have found its way into your eye. Although your eye may feel itchy, never rub it, since that can scratch your cornea. It's a good idea to carry a small bottle of saline and a contact lens case for emergencies like this.