Broken Glasses? Should You Get Repairs Or Replace Them?

If you have a need for optical product repairs, you have to decide whether it's best to replace your glasses or if you should get new ones. The same clinic where you get your eye care treatments can take care of your glasses as well.

Whether you have popped a lens out, broken the bridge of your glasses, had a screw come loose, or completely bent your frames, you may be able to have an optical product repairs specialist make your glasses look and feel good as new again. The question then in this situation is this: should you have broken glasses repaired or replaced? Learn your options and how they apply to you here.

How old are they? 

Your frames may never go out of style, but your prescription will. If you have broken older glasses and you're due for eye care treatments anyway, you should consider having optical product repairs done on your glasses so you can use them for backup only, then get a new exam so you can buy new glasses to wear all the time.

How bad is the damage?

If your glasses are just basically broken then optical product repairs can be done without a lot of strain on your glasses. If your glasses have been run over or severely damaged, however, it's easier to just replace them. This is especially the case if they are under warranty and replacement is of little or no cost to you. If you could have repairs or replacement done and the outcomes are similar in benefit to you, then do whichever gets spectacles back on your face first. This is likely to be optical product repairs.

How much do you love your glasses?

Are your glasses your favorite pair? Do you love the way they feel on your face and the style has been discontinued or your glasses are custom designed to your face? Or are you planning on buying new glasses in the near future anyway? Use your attraction to your glasses to help you decide whether they are worth investing in optical product repairs or if you should see what new styles are out there.

How much you spent on your glasses can affect this decision as well. If you just bought your glasses and then broke them, whether you love them or not, then it's likely most cost-effective to simply have them repaired instead of shelling out money for new ones.  

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