Tips For Choosing The Frames For Your New Sunglasses

When you buy new sunglasses, you'll want to get them in your regular prescription or at least make sure the lenses block UV rays. While the lenses may be pretty standard, you have a large selection when it comes to sunglasses frames. Here are some tips for picking out ones you'll like.

Larger Frames Provide Better Protection

Large sunglasses are stylish, but they are also practical. Large frames provide more protection for your eyes. Frames that wrap around the sides even keep UV rays from getting through the sides of the sunglasses. While you may want frames larger than what you would choose for your everyday glasses, you still want them to have a good fit. Buy frames designed to be large, not frames that are large because they are too big for your face. If the glasses don't fit snugly, they'll slide down and allow the sun to get in your eyes. The frames should fit comfortably on your nose and ears. Sunglasses come in different widths, so try on a few pairs to get a feel for the size that's right for you.

Name Brands Provide Signature Styles

Popular designer sunglasses can usually be identified by their unique shape. While some brand name glasses are quite expensive, you may want to buy them to be on the edge of fashion. When you're looking at different styles of frames, be sure to consider how they match the shape of your face. While frames for sunglasses are usually bolder than traditional frames, they can still accentuate your best features if chosen properly. If you have a square face, you may want to choose round or oval frames. Square and rectangle frames are good matches for round and oval faces. Cateye glasses are popular, and they go well with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

Color Choices Reflect Your Personality

Sunglasses frames come in many colors and some frames even have patterns and embellishments. You might want to follow the same guidelines as traditional glasses when picking the color, especially if you choose transitional lenses that you wear indoors as well. You might want a color that complements your rosy complexion, dark skin, or red hair. However, when it comes to sunglasses for outdoor wear, you are free to show off your personality when it comes to color selection. You may want multiple pairs to match different occasions such as boating, snow skiing, or going to the beach. Quality sunglasses that offer full UV protection don't always have to be expensive. Buying affordable sunglasses gives you the opportunity to buy several pairs to match different outfits. Then, you can use them as eye protection and fashion accessories at the same time.

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